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eAthlete Labs

What a thrill it is for us to partner with one of our favorite energy drinks. We are happy to be working with this great company who wants to help players meet there full potential. Using discount code SQUID you can get 10.5% off your order.


ROGUE ENERGY is the best energy drink money can buy and we are so glad that they are a proud sponsor of TEAM SQUID. If you would like to help us out use Discount Code TEAM_SQUID for 10% off your order. For more information on Rogue Energy products click Learn More.



CHAIRS4GAMING is a company that are an official reseller for all the brands  including DXRacer and AKRacing gaming chairs. With Discount code SQUID you can get 10% off each order.


GG Bracelet

"Most industries have ways of representing the lifestyle that accompany them. Esports are no exception. Video games have and always will be a way of bonding with friends, family, coworkers, and significant others. Sometimes, even strangers. Esports have transcended what it means to spend quality time with people you like. As the Esports industry grows, so will we. The GG bracelet is so much more than just a bracelet".  Use Discount Code TEAM__SQUID for 5% off your order.


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